Blu, MED & MadLib – Bad Neighbor Album Release Party

One of the first events I’ve been to in LA, besides Kanye’s 808’s and Heartbreak. Located in Chinatown, the GrandStar opened its doors a little bit after 10pm. Quickly a lined formed with fans eager to hear music from Blu, Med and Madlib’s new album, “Bad Neighbor.” Before getting in we had the legendary Percee P do what he does best, bump his cd’s off to hip hop fans.

Once inside you can hear the music bangin through the speakers. Beats so hard they were practically blowing the speakers out. As the DJ’s adjusted the sound to avoid that, the crowd enjoyed drinks while listening to some music from the Bad Neighbor album. One DJ rocked a “West Coast Loves Sean Price,” shirt, which was dope. Rest in P!

After a few drinks and contact from all the good herbs in the air, this is what I experienced.

First was a song with Rah Digga, which reminded me of an early Lauryn Hill. She literally destroyed the track. Still can hear it in my head now. Not sure if this is on the album or not, but this song alone, had me open. Again the beats were smacking so hard at one point I thought it blew out one of the speakers. Blu did his thing as usual on every track I heard. Even tho I had no track list to follow, I can say the album is full of hard, soulful instrumentals with Blu, Madlib and MED doing their thing.

As the night continued without Blu and Madlib, who unfortunately could not be at the show. Some guest appearances hit the stage… DJ Babu, Percee P, Dibia$e, 14K, DJ Babu, Surplus, Cazal Organism, Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins. Above is the video of their performances. Just to sum it up real quick. The legendary Percee P did his thing on the mic. Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins performed flowers, and Perkins also went in over some Madlib track. Producers need to take note as 14k and Dibia$e go through their catalog full of heaters. I know people in the crowd left that night with their necks hurting with all the head nodding bangers they played. To close out the night MED spit a few bars with DJ Rhettmatic of the Beat Junkies on the 1200’s.

Purchase Bad Neighbor on iTunes or visit Rappcats to get it on CD/Vinyl

Click any image to view gallery. All photos provided by @imdisla

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