Jared Evan – The Art Form Of Whatever (LP)

Jared Evan - The Art Form Of Whatever (LP)

Jared Evan decides to surprise his fans with a release of a new album for free. “The Art Form Of Whatever,” features producers and artists from !llmind, Skyzoo, REKS, Stella and more.

“Towards the end of the tour, I thought about putting together some sort of free album or mixtape while my fans wait for my debut full length. I wanted it to be a project that showed a different side of me, something bold. So on my flight back to New York I started conceptualizing what the project could be like. I wrote down titles on my laptop, and one of them really stuck out to me ‘The Art Form of Whatever’. I started geeking off of the title and then knew exactly what I wanted it to be. When I landed, it just so happened my dude Arcitype texted me asking if I’d come to Boston and work for a few days. It couldn’t have been better timing. I went to Boston and in literally 4 days created 10 songs from scratch. I’ve never been more proud of a project. It went from my brain to reality in the span of a few days. I really dug inside my creative chest for this one. I even painted the album art myself.”

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