Nepotism – Televisions

Nepotism - Televisions

NEPOTISM is a Alternative (Rock/Hip-Hop) band comprised of South Carolina natives Rob (vocals) and Moses Andrews III (bass) along with New York and New Jersey natives Meph (guitar) and Deshawn ā€œDā€ Younger (drums). The band came together in 2013 and added Meph in June of 2015 in Columbia, South Carolina. After the initial instant connection in 2013, NEPOTISM made their debut at a talent showcase in 2013. The name NEPOTISM was chosen as a symbol of unity, the band wanted to reshape the negative context of the word into something more positive to represent all not one. They believe that the human race are one and we need to love and respect one another as brothers and sisters.

Here is one of their song’s “Televisions.”

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